Why you should NEVER dry your clothes inside during winter

We had no idea!
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At this time of year, racks of drying clothes seem to take over our homes.

Whether it’s hanging up sodden socks after braving the rainy weather or using a clothing rack to save money instead of the dryer, the washing can seem endless.

But now experts are now warning that drying your clothes inside during winter could be harming your health.

Speaking to Kidspot, Dr Nick Osborne, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Health at the University of NSW, said it could contribute to the growth of mould and dustmites in the home.

‘As far as winter time goes, we’re all coming inside with wet coats and hanging them up and people are inside a lot more,’ Dr Osborne said.

‘And add to that showers and cooking steam. If a house isn’t correctly ventilated moisture builds up inside and will condensate on windows and in walls.’

But there is some simple steps you can take to reduce moisture in your home.

Dr Osborne recommends always turning on the extractor fan when cooking meals and trying to store damp coats, shoes and umbrellas in a garage or outdoor undercover area.

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