Your Stars This Week

What does the zodiac have in store?

Psychic Astrologer Kris Fontaine shares what’s ahead for you this week.


March 21-April 20

As you pick up where you left off with those self-supporting habits, Aries, be prepared for other areas of your world to flip positively too. If there’s zero money-back guarantee available, give the big purchase a wide berth.
Lucky numbers 9, 18, 23


April 21-May 21

Pace yourself. Your bull-at-a-gate approach to a family issue, work situation or health matter could only do more harm than good. Are you finally in alignment with one another? If affirmative, further commitment might be the next step.
Lucky numbers 1, 4, 7

Gemini May

May 22-June 21

Setting up shop in a new career or nicer location is your game plan. It appears you’re making all the right moves to get there. There’s a melting pot of relatives, friends and co-workers to enjoy on Saturday.
Lucky numbers 31, 41, 44


June 22-July 23

If a relationship is accelerating faster than you signed-up for, Cancer, quickly find your voice on Monday. Your new approach to healthy living, family relations or your environment scores points with those who matter.
Lucky numbers 6, 19, 26


July 24-August 23

Nice change from the recent red flags, Leo? You are given continuous green lights for a home redesign project, financial game plan or new relationship goals. There’s a multitude of reasons someone needs to fly the coup.
Lucky numbers 20, 25, 29


August 24-September 23

Who would have thought, Virgo? Injecting your realistic approach into a rusty relationship, group project, or physical activity is wholeheartedly embraced. Are you really ready for the grand finale of a big game or online connection?
Lucky numbers 8, 22, 27


September 24-October 23

Putting on your listening ears is the best way to reach a happy head with your partner or love target. A change of scene may be the only medicine you need to heal a body ache or emotional wound.
Lucky numbers 2, 34, 37


October 24-November 22

A meaningful contribution to your domestic domain, immediate family or piggy bank spells immediate relief and immense gratitude. That indispensable self-care you have been obsessed with starts to reveal vast improvements within and without.
Lucky numbers 4, 15, 40


November 23-December 21

Feeling a little unfamiliar with the slower pace suddenly overtaking your agenda, Sagittarius? Stepping back so you can actually breathe in the surrounding beauty is the best battery-recharge. A loved one characteristically brings more heart to Thursday’s gathering.
Lucky numbers 11, 28, 42


December 22-January 20

Brainstorming with those who seriously have your back is essential before delegating, tidying up or streamlining various zones of your life. Bring people together with common goals on Friday to foster family fun and friendly banter.
Lucky numbers 3, 14, 17


January 21-February 19

How do you balance the two pars of your life? Your workload surges simultaneously with your love-life, Aquarius, making it a priority to sneak in a decent dose of downtime. Big kudos for allowing your self-worth to soar.
Lucky numbers 10, 30, 33


February 20-March 20

Take full advantage of legitimate streaming or verbal investment advice that clearly spells a leg up with that long-term goal. So as not to worry your team, family or partner unnecessarily, Pisces, refrain from ghosting while me-timing.
Lucky numbers 5, 35, 43

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