Man says his 13-year affair with a ghost has been the most satisfying of his life

And he can teach others how to summon their own sexual ghosts!

A man claims he’s been having an affair with a ghost – for 13 years.

‘Before I encountered my spiritual love, Nilahny, I wasn’t what you would call a ladies man,’ Erik Vonroth told the UK’s Daily Star newspaper.

‘Being average looking and pretty shy, women hardly ever considered me as a sexual partner.

‘This all changed when I became aware of Nilahny, and started enjoying nights of pleasures beyond what any movie or book can even start to describe.’

Erik said the first time he met the sexy spirit, or ‘succubus’, he was terrified: ‘It took me by such a surprise that I jumped out of bed and shot out of the house,’ he said.

However Erik now claims he has regular, passionate sex with her.

He now even offers free lessons so you can summon up a sexy ghost – male or female – for yourself.

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