‘Ghost calls ambulance’ for pregnant woman home alone

Despatch said the call was silent - but GPS showed them where to go.

David Moroney, 26, Lilydale, Vic 

Recently, my sister Stephanie (above with baby Sammy) and her husband John moved house.

The owners before them had just lost their little girl to cancer, and Steph was expecting her first child.

Steph soon began noticing odd things about the house. Teddy bears bought for her newborn were being moved and left in odd places.

When she told us what had been happening, we were sceptical. None of our family believed in ghosts. But Steph was adamant she wasn’t overreacting.

‘I’m scared. John works late and I can’t be in that house alone anymore,’ she insisted.

The final straw came when a little ghost girl appeared in the nursery. Steph ran out of the house and refused to go back in until John returned from work.

Soon after, they both saw the little girl, in a pink flowery dress, at the foot of their bed.

‘What does she want?’ Steph sobbed.

At his wit’s end, John called in his friend who worked as a medium.

‘There is a spirit here,’ she said. ‘She’s stuck – there’s a lot of sadness in this room.’

But although she tried, she failed to get the girl to leave.

David's sister was terrified of a spirit in her house.
David was concerned about his sister, who believed she was being terrorised by a spirit. (Credit: Supplied)

Following more restless nights, they called upon a priest to do a cleansing.

He took them through the entire house, praying and then blessing each room with holy water.

Assuring them that the spirit had now left, Steph and John slowly moved on.

Then one Tuesday, Steph had a severe pain in her stomach. She tried to call John at work, but his phone was off.

Fearing the worst, she went to dial Triple-0, but passed out from the pain as she did.

When she woke, she was in an ambulance, being rushed to hospital for an emergency caesarean. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy called Sammy.

So who called the ambulance? Steph was told that nobody had spoken over the phone, but emergency services were able to use GPS to trace the call.

On her return to the house, Steph could feel that the spirit had left.

Two years on, she still believes that the little girl was watching over her, waiting until she had her baby before moving on.

This story first published in that’s life! Issue 15.

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