The surprising foods you don’t need to keep in the fridge!

Free up space in your fridge by removing these stowaways.


First things first – honey lasts forever basically. But how you store it can make a big difference. Storing honey in the fridge can cause it to crystallize – which isn’t a sign of spoilage but can be very inconvenient when it goes hard and crumbly. Keep your honey smooth and syrupy by storying it in an airtight container away from moisture. And rinse off the edge of the container before storing – or you may find uninvited ants coming for a snack!


Save space in your fridge door by leaving your Vegemite in the pantry. The key factor in food going off is how moist it is. Vegemite has very little moisture in it, and so once opened is a happy little Vegemite perched on your shelf.

Peanut butter

A jar of opened peanut butter will keep on your shelf for about 3 months (who has peanut butter that isn’t eaten after 3 months anyway?) Similar story to the Vegemite – with little water to worry about it’s not necessary to keep it chilled.


It’s long been thought that it’s best to store our ground coffee in the freezer or fridge but coffee experts are saying that is a no-no. Adding boiling water to cold coffee can burn the beans and give you a gross cuppa – and nobody needs that first thing in the morning! Store your coffee in the dark in an airtight container. Better yet, grind your beans fresh because beans keep longer than coffee grounds.


Believe it or not. your favourite choc-hazelnut spread is not recommended for the fridge! As long as it’s in a cool dry place, a properly-closed jar of Nutella will keep fine. Bunging the stuff in the fridge can chill it too much – which makes it too hard to spread on your sandwich anyhow.


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