A game-changing new Golden Gaytime has officially arrived!

The secret is out.

Streets Ice Cream have announced the launch of the Golden Gaytime Sanga!

That’s right, you can now purchase your favourite ice-cream in the form of a biscuit sandwich.

Rumours previously swelled that the Sanga was soon approaching, but Streets have finally confirmed the news.

The Sanga is basically Australia’s favourite Golden Gaytime slapped between two delicious biscuits. And if that’s not enough to tempt you, they are also half-dipped in chocolate and topped with the ice-cream’s famous crumbs.

Scott Mingl, Street Ice Cream’s Marketing Manger said of the exciting launch: ‘We know Aussies love a Gaytime and we know they love a sandwich, so why not give them something they’d go nuts over. Sanga is the future of snacking for everyone who has had a Gaytime, remembers a Gaytime or simply just loves a Gaytime.’

If you’d like to get your hands on one, the Golden Gaytime Sanga costs a total of $3.50 and is now officially on sale!

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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