Snake disguised as tinsel on Christmas tree frightens the bejesus out of Melbourne woman

Snake Catcher Victoria Australia

A woman living in the Melbourne suburb of Frankston got the fright of her life when she woke to discover a dangerous tiger snake nestled among her decorations on her Christmas tree.


Calling in Snake Catcher Victoria to retrieve the snake, catcher Barry Goldsmith is relieved she didn’t try to take matters into her own hands.


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‘Usually people cut the head off the snake, and don’t realise it that its head is actually still alive for about 15 minutes … lots of people get bitten while trying to pick up the severed head of the snake,’ he told mashable.

Tiger Snakes:


  • Tiger snakes are generally found in southern areas of Australia.
  • Without treatment, the venom of a tiger snake bite causes death in 40-60% of cases.
  • It is illegal to kill or injure a tiger snake in most Australian states, as they’re a protected native species.

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