Is this the rudest wedding invitation ever?

This mum was shocked to learn she wasn’t wanted.

A mum has taken to the internet to ask if a wedding invitation she received from a friend is normal – after it invited her to the ceremony, the ‘evening celebration’, but not the reception.

‘Am I being unreasonable to find this a bit insulting?’ she asked the Mumsnet forum.

‘I’ve been invited to a friend’s wedding. The invitation states I’ve been invited to the marriage ceremony at 2pm and to the evening celebration at 8pm,’ she explains.

‘Other friend appears to have been invited to a full reception including meal straight after the ceremony.’

The invitation suggests they have to kill 5 hours in between the ceremony and the evening celebration while other guests get to attend the reception.

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The question drew mixed answers with one person saying that: ’An evening invite is fine, but to invite someone to the wedding, omit them from the reception but invite them to the evening is rude and inconsiderate.’

Some people didn’t seem to understand what the fuss was about and offered practical advice: ‘You don’t have to go to the ceremony you could just go to the evening if it’s difficult.’

Others said she needs to calm down: ‘That’s a perfectly normal invitation. A lot of people can’t afford a big sit down meal for everyone, so they choose to have an evening party in order to include as many people as possible. Go and have a nice lunch somewhere, or go home if you like. But you should be pleased to be invited at all, rather than getting grumpy about not being invited to everything. Otherwise, just don’t go.’

One person seemed to hit the nail on the head as to why it feels like an insult: ‘I’d be annoyed, it’s like saying you’re welcome at the cheap bits.’

What do you think?

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