This couple asked their guests to fork out $10k to attend their wedding

The nerve!

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all when it comes to OTT wedding requests, another outrageous story hits the web.

We understand the stress of planning a wedding can send some couples a little mad, however this bride and groom took their demands and expectations to the next level.

An outraged couple took to online community Mumsnet to share their unusual story and seek advice.

“We have been ‘invited’ to a wedding WEEK in the USA, prices starting from $5,000, with 5 organised events,” wrote the woman. “Each with their own dress code, and given a link to the Amazon wish list/registry where the cheapest item is >$500.”

She shared that the expected total cost would clock in at a cool $9,450 for the week, covering flights, accomodation and car hire. Oh, and we forgot to mention they were also asked to chip in for the couple’s pre-wedding accomodation to “show her our love.”

We weren’t surprised at all to read that users were appalled by the situation.

“So revolting. If you want a wedding on this scale you should damn well pay for everything not foist the costs off on your guests,” one person commented.

Another user even offered their own funds for the couple to attend the wedding in exchange for photographs of the lavish affair.

This article was first published on Instyle.

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