Toddler forced to sit in wee after flight attendant banned her from business class loo

Her grandmother was horrified.

According to this furious grandmother, her grandchild was forced to sit in her own urine after a flight attendant said they could no longer use the toilet in business class.

Stacey Osmond was on a five-and-a-half hour flight with her granddaughter, Ruby, and was seated at the front of the Economy cabin on the Air Canada flight.

I was given those seats by a booking agent for that reason, so that she would be close to the bathroom,’ Stacey explained to CBC.

‘The second or third time I tried to take Ruby to the bathroom, the flight attendant told me, ‘I can’t have you coming up here anymore.’

Instead, they had to go all the way to the back of the Economy cabin, however their path was blocked by the drinks cart, and Ruby wet herself.

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Stacey had to lay down paper towels on the chair and try and distract Ruby for the next few hours.

CBC were told by an Air Canada spokesperson that they are in contact with the customer and have no further comments.

Stacey says the compensation she was offered wouldn’t cut it – 25% of her next flight and some toys. Instead, she wants a full refund and an apology from the staff member.

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