Pensioner, 87, forced to sit in her own urine for 13 hours after flight attendants refuse to let her use toilet

And they still haven't apologised.

British Airways has come under fire after a flight attendant allegedly refused an elderly woman access to the toilet, causing her to wet herself, and have to sit in wet clothes for over 12 hours.

The flight sat on the tarmac for 90 minutes, with passengers instructed to stay seated with their seatbelts on. 

Kocharik Tsamouzian asked to use the bathroom but was told she had to stay seated. As she became more desperate, the flight attendant allegedly stood to block her path to the toilet.

Eventually Mrs Tsamouzian wet herself, and was forced to fly from Los Angeles to London in wet clothes because she hadn’t any spare clothes in her cabin luggage.

When Mrs Tsamouzian arrived in London she was in tears. Her daughter, Aida, said she couldn’t believe her mother had been treated so poorly.

‘I was shaking with anger. She asked the air hostess over and over again if she could go to the loo but they kept telling her no because of health and safety reasons,’ she told MailOnline.

‘My mother was saying, ‘I’m an old lady you have to let me go’, but the air hostess stood in front of her seat blocking her from getting up.’

A spokesperson for British Airways defended the airline staff, stating ‘Civil Aviation Authority safety rules stipulate everyone must remain seated with their seatbelts on after the aircraft has started moving.’

Aids says her mother still hasn’t received a proper apology from the airline.

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