Don’t keep your mobile in your bra – Mum’s warning after boob burned


A mum has gone on a mission to warn women not to stash their phones in their bras after she suffered a severe burn on her breast and infection after her phone overheated.

Georgie Tufnail, 31, did what most women do when they’re short on pockets and need to use their hands – she tucked her phone into her bra.

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Unfortunately for her, the phone was the Samsung Galaxy S7, a generation of Samsung phones that have become notorious for overheating and causing injury.

The young mum says she stashed her phone in her bra when she was running errands with her son. And while she noticed it was hot it wasn’t until 2 hours later when she removed it that she noticed the angry burn.

She said: ‘It was a line of disgusting green pus.’

‘It was obvious from where it was that it was the phone.’

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She is now on antibiotics for the angry infection caused by the burn, and is determined to warn other women to quit their bra-stashing habit.

‘I know people do because it’s just easy access.

‘I just want to warn people not to keep their phones there.’

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