Pregnant mum scarred after falling asleep next to her charging iPhone 7

She's warning others to be careful around their devices.

When pregnant mum, Melanie Tan Pelaez, woke up in the morning she was shocked to discover a large red mark on her arm, and tingling all the way down to her fingers.

When she saw her doctor she was told to hurry to a hospital where she was diagnosed with second-degree burns. Thankfully, her baby was be perfectly fine.

Looking at the shape of the burns Melanie soon realised it was the shape of her iPhone 7 and her charger, which she’d fallen asleep next to after watching videos the night before.

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Taking the phone to the Apple Store she was told it couldn’t have been the phone – but was eventually contacted by Apple to say they’re taking the phone for testing.

Understandably shaken, Melanie took to Facebook to share her story and warn others about sleeping near their devices.

‘This is a picture of the result of sleeping with my phone whilst charging. PLEASE be careful…’ she writes.

The burn has left an angry red scar which Melanie is now treating.

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