Dad’s shock when strange man ‘tried to pick up’ toddler son at park

A family has been left shaken after their baby boy almost grabbed by a stranger

Police are on the hunt for a man accused of attempting to grab a toddler at a Sydney park.

The dad of the 19-month-old was watching his little boy playing on the equipment at Tumbalong Park, in Sydney’s Darling Harbour on Tuesday, 6th June around 12.45pm.

He was shocked when he saw a man approach his boy and attempt to pick up him, reports 7 News.

The dad hurried over and stopped the man, who is said to have left with two other men.

Police have released CCTV footage hoping to locate the man who is thought to be around 65.

This is the latest in what seems like a spate of abduction attempts.

On may 25th a 15-month-old baby was snatched from a Macquarie Park playground before being chased down by the child’s mother. 

Five days later in Leichhardt a man attempted to lead a  three-year-old girl away from a park by the hand when her mother intervened.

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