This is the MAX you can use your bath towel before you wash it

Warning: This is a bit gross.

How frequently do you change up your bath towel? Every day? Once a week? Longer? And maybe more importantly, how often should you refresh your towel.

Thankfully there is an answer over at HowStuffWorks.

You’re probably already aware that your towel comes in contact with some pretty personal areas which mean that unless you do a surgical scrub on every inch of your skin there is likely to be some crotch-related contamination when you use your towel.

Add to the that the million of skin cells you’re likely rubbing off from all over your body and it doesn’t take a genius to realise even after one use your towel could probably be swapped out.

But consider where we store our towels – are yours in your bathroom? Well as we learned when we talked about never taking our phones into the loo again flushing the toilet can spray tiny molecules of toilet water all over your bathroom. So your beautifully folded pile of towels may not be so fresh when it comes to using them.

The final straw is of course if you like to dump your damp towel on the floor after each use. Moisture is a haven for all sorts of bacteria. Add to that the humidity of the common bathroom and you have a breeding ground for nasties.

So! Where does that leave us?

If you:
– let your towel dry completely between uses
– store your towels away from the vapour-spewing toilet flush (or promise to always flush with the loo lid closed)

Then you can probably get away with 3 uses, tops. But then it is time to wash them real good!

The best way to make sure your towels are squeaky clean for next use is to use hot or warm water to kill the nasties. Adding a little bleach is also a good idea – but make sure your colours are safe.

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