The amazing health benefits of these high-calorie foods make them worth the splurge


We talk a lot about reducing calories when it comes to losing weight, but these healthy, higher-calorie foods are worth including in your daily allowance.

Nuts and nut butters

Nuts get a bad rap due to their fat content, but those fats are healthy and necessary for the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients. Choose pure nut butters with no added extras, and consider a handful of pistachios for snacking as they’re one of the lowest calorie nuts.


Coconut flour

At 415 calories per 100g, coconut flour is undeniably more calorie dense than white wheat flour, but the reason for those extra calories makes it worth considering. The higher protein, fibre and fat content will keep you fuller for longer, and keeps blood sugar at a more consistent level.



High in monounsaturated fat, avocados have been shown to help reduce bad cholesterol levels, and contribute to good heart health. Swap butter and margarine for avocado to also benefit from their high vitamin A, E and C content.



High in calories compared to other fruits, bananas are also really healthy and a great way to boost nutrients in kids who are reluctant eaters. Folic acid, potassium, niacin and fibre are just a few of the many reasons bananas should be in your fruit bowl.


Full-fat dairy

To lose weight we usually look for dairy labels that say ‘Skim’ or ‘Lite’, but more and more research is identifying whole milk, cheese and yoghurt as actively assisting in the maintenance of long-term healthy weight. Like all things, moderation is the key.

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