Six Best First Date Questions to Ask

Break the ice with these conversation starters

There’s no point beating around the bush here – first dates can be hard. Up there with job interviews, the prospect of meeting someone you barely know for the first time  can be pretty nerve-wracking and first date conversation starters are essential. 

Whether it’s grabbing a coffee, meeting for a walk or going all out with a romantic dinner, keeping the conversation flowing throughout is the key to success. But breaking the ice and getting over those awkward silences can sometimes be tough.

The trick to maintaining good chat? Prepare ahead with an armful of questions to ask your date. With the help of some good first date questions, you can keep the energy fun and casual, while also unlocking vital information that may help you determine if your date is right for you.

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How to keep the conversation going.

Ultimately, getting to know each other is the purpose of the meet-up and conversation starters are the best way to do this.

It’s totally natural to feel nervous on a first date, but you don’t want your nerves to leave you lost for words. By compiling an idea of  first date questions to ask beforehand, you’ll be ready to go even if you’re feeling a little out of your comfort zone.

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The best six questions to ask on a first date

Wondering what to talk about on a first date? These are the best first date questions that will keep the conversation alive and help banish that awkward silences. It may even help you get that all-important second date! 


1 How was your day?

Kicking off with a casual opener is a great conversation starter – you don’t want to go straight in with a hard-hitting question. Asking your date about their day will help you build up a comfortable energy and is also just a polite way to ease into the chat.

Your date’s response will also help you determine what sort of person they are. If they go into heaps of information, chances are they’re a pretty chatty person. Whereas a one-worded response could mean they’re more of a closed-book. A chat about their day may even lead to a funny story and move the small talk along. 

2 What are your passions?

This question really helps you work out what kind of person your date is and what makes them tick. Asking someone about their passions gives them the opportunity to open up and reveal more about themselves. Someone who’s an introvert may find this question an easy way to talk their favorite band or what they’ve been binging on Netflix . What’s more, talking about their favorite things could lead to you discovering more information about your date and determining what you have in common.

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3 What do you do in your free time?

Perfect for figuring out what your date enjoys doing, this simple question is such an easy way to get to know someone a bit better. If their answer is jam-packed with activities and adventures, it’s likely they’re someone whose always on the move.  Whereas those who prefer watching TV shows and hanging at home may be more of a chilled, indoors type of person. What they do in their free time could even help you work out if they’re a morning person or a night owl. Or, you might even find out what their pet peeves are! 

If they ask the question back, this is a chance to reveal the kinds of things you like doing in your spare time. Chatting about your favorite restaurant or the last book you read, are all good ways to keep the conversation going. 

This question is also a way of determining your compatibility – as you’ll obviously be wanting to spend time together doing things that you both enjoy. 

4 What are your friends and family like?

A great question for working out someone’s personality is observing them as they talk about the people they love. Whether it’s their best friend, siblings, parents or pets, this question will give an insight into who has shaped your date into the person they are today. From family life to high school, these people are the ones who knows your date the best.  Asking them about their most important people, will show you’re genuinely interested in their life. It’ll also help you suss out how well you’ll get along with their friends and family.

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5 What’s on your bucket list?

Everyone has goals and dreams, so asking your date what’s on their bucket list is a fun way to see if you’re on the same page. Achievements someone wants to accomplish can vary from anything including having children, travelling the world or securing that dream job. Their answers will indicate what’s important to this person and whether you share similar values on what you want to get out of life.


 6 What would your superpower be?

Rounding things up with a playful question like this, will help break the mood if your conversation is getting a little heavy or serious. While it’s fun and silly, this question is likely to uncover what personality your date has. Their answer may be focused on helping others or the power could be something that only benefits them. Also, it’s interesting to see if they follow with another quirkier question or if they move the conversation back to the more ‘everyday’ questions.


One last thing!

Ultimately, dating should be fun.  First date conversations may be scary, but interesting questions will definitely help you work out what kind of person they are and whether you want a second date.

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