Smart stitching!

Save time when sewing with these clever hacks

Any keen stitchers would have a handy unpicker in their sewing kit- but did you know the little ball on one of the prongs serves a very clever purpose?

Designed to slide along the material as you cut through the stitches, the small plastic ball stops any friction between the fabric, giving you an effortless glide to easily undo your stitches. Seamless! 

Get the most from your sewing machine by knowing the little hacks that will save you time in the long run. When threading your machine next, look just above your needle, there should be a small hook you can slide your thread through first to make sure its fastened in the right direction.

Before searching for scissors to snip your left over thread, look to the left of your machine corner- most models are fitted with a little plastic tab with a small blade to easily slice off any loose ends.

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