Mum furious after fellow shopper mocked her son

Her four-year-old son was left in tears.

One mum was left distraught after another shopper humiliated her four-year-old son while they were out grocery shopping.

Hannah Sewell took to Facebook to vent her disappointment at the fellow shopper who mocked her son after he got excited about being treated to a bag of apples.

To the woman in Aldi that made my son and me feel like complete sh*t today,” she began.

“I’m sorry you felt that my son being excited about getting a bag of his favourite apples and jumping up and down beside me was such a big deal that you needed to ask me to ‘control my kid because people are trying to shop.'” 

heartbroken son

She explained that her son, Caden, was left “heartbroken” as the shopper asked, “What is wrong with you, does your mommy never take you anywhere?” 

After leaving behind her groceries, Hannah decided to take Caden to Wendy’s to cheer him up but was devastated when she realised he had lost his appetite.

“He didn’t get excited. He didn’t smile or jump. He just sat there with the saddest f**king look on his face while he picked at his food. I hope you’re happy with yourself,” she concluded

“Signed, p**sed off mama.”

Strangers showed their support for the mum on Facebook by commenting on the post.

“Poor little guy. That breaks my heart. I would’ve got him more apples and jumped up and down with him,” shared one responder.

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