This Aussie high school BANNED student’s mobile phones

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A Western Australian school has banned students using phones during breaks in a bid to improve their socialisation skills.

Students at Perth College all-girls school have been told to not use their phones during lunch and recess and instead to talk to each other.

School principal, Jenny Ethell, told the West Australian that the decision came after research has proven that students lack the skills to regulate their use of technology and social media.

‘What we have found, and I think there’s a body of research that’s come out to support it as well, is that young people are becoming screen-obsessed,’ she said.

‘We wanted them to have technology-free time so that they could work on developing those relationships and the art of conversation,’ Mrs Ethell said.

She says things have changed a lot since she was little.

‘When we were growing up, if there was an issue between friends, you solved it yourself. But with the phones, they tend to text the parents, so you get that over-parenting.’



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