Download your FREE felt finger puppet template for Halloween

These adorable felt finger puppets are the perfect spooky decoration

What you will need:

• Felt Sheets, Orange, White, Dark Green, Black
• Hobby fill
• Arbee Joggly Oval and Round Eyes
• Pom poms
• Chenille Sticks
• Silver bell
• Scraps of yarn and ribbon
• Scissors, Thread, Craft Glue or Glue Gun
• Online template (download and print here)

All the finger puppets are started from the same body template. Cut out 2 per puppet and sew together using a 3 stitch zigzag around the edge. Insert a small portion of Hobby fill into the head and sew across the neck.

Cut the body out in white felt and stick the oval joggly eyes onto the face.

Cut the body and ears out in black felt. Cut 2 lengths of chenille stick 4 cm each and select a small pink pompom for the nose. Stick on the ears, small joggly eyes, nose and whiskers. Cut a piece of ribbon to tie around the neck and attach a silver bell.

Cut the body out in green felt and the hat from black felt. Cut a piece of chenille stick 2cm and bend up for a smiley mouth. Glue onto the face as well as 2 round joggle eyes. Cut 6 pieces of yarn 10cm long, position on top of the head and glue. Trim to desired length then glue the hat on top.

Cut the body out of orange felt, stalk from green felt, eyes and mouth from black felt. Stick onto the puppet as picture

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