Social media goes into meltdown over Cadbury Roses chocolate change

The boxed favourites have undergone a transformation!

Social media users have gone into a meltdown after Cadbury made some changes to its fan-favourite Roses chocolates.

Back in September, the company announced that they would be adding new flavours and changing the wrappers as part of a product revamping. However, consumers haven’t accepted the changes with open arms.

The ten flavours available in the revamped collection include Caramel Deluxe, Hazelnut Swirl, Peppermint Crème Crunch (an apparent makeover of the old favourite Peppermint Crème), Vanilla Nougat, Classic Caramel, Classic Milk, Dark Mocha Nougat, Hazelnut Crème Crisp, White Raspberry and, of course, the one that remains in the box long after the rest are eaten, Turkish Delight. 

(Credit: Cadbury)

White chocolate fans will be delighted by the inclusion of White Raspberry which is a new white chocolate treat with freeze dried raspberries.

Strawberry Crèmes, Orange Crème, Hazelnut Whirls and Classic Fudge have all been thrown out to make way for the new flavours. This has lead to intense customer backlash with consumers taking to Facebook to express their thoughts on the change.

cadbury facebook
(Credit: Facebook)
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(Credit: Facebook)

Another upset customer posted, “What have you changed the Cadbury roses box? Why change something that is not broken?”

Meanwhile, others have threatened to never purchase the boxed chocolates again and will instead purchase products from a competitor.

cadbury facebook
(Credit: Facebook)

The changes to the flavours aren’t the only thing Cadbury has revamped. The iconic twist-style wrappers have been swapped out in favour of a fully sealed package design. The company informed Daily Mail that the changes were based on customer complaints they had received.

‘The number one complaint we receive from consumers is that they’ve found an empty wrapper in their box or that the flavour from one piece has transferred into another, and that’s why we’ve adopted the latest, fully sealed packaging design,” said Senior Marketing Manager for Cadbury Roses Melanie Yates.

Melanie further explained that the individually wrapped pieces will now “stay fresher for longer.”

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One customer commented on the packaging change, writing on Facebook, “We have a problem… the wrappers for the Cadbury roses has changed. Mum called me, devastated. it’s been a tough realisation. Now I can’t rewrap them if I don’t like the flavour.”

Enraged customers have even gone so far as to request the Roses be changed back to their original flavours and packing before Christmas so that they can be gifted.

The revamped Cadbury Roses officially launched across the country in August 2018.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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