People are divided on whether this HIPSTER NATIVITY SCENE is blasphemous or brilliant

Jokester brothers create a new spin on the classic Bible story.
Casey and Corey Wright

Brothers Corey and Casey Wright are the brains behind this tongue-in-cheek take on the Biblical scene.


Featuring Mary holding a coffee cup and pulling a duckface while a barefoot Joseph snaps a selfie with their bub – the figurines answer the question ‘what would Jesus’ birth look like today?’


The Three Wise Men have rocked up on Segways, carrying Amazon boxes, and the cow is certified organic. Even the stable is solar-powered!


Talking to CNN tech the brothers admit they were braced for some backlash, however since hitting the market in late November, the limited edition of 5,000 has almost sold out.


‘Some people absolutely love it and understand it’s not about blasphemy, but we’ve also gotten lot of criticism,’ says Corey.


Much to their surprise however: ‘Many orders for the sets came from churches, pastors and reverends,” he laughs.

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