Australian Government to enforce new restrictions on powders on flights

Starting from June 30.
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If you travel with powders, including loose and pressed powders, in your carry-on baggage, you should expect changes to the way you are screened at airport security from June 30.

The Australian Government is enforcing new limits on how much powder product you can pack in carry-on baggage on international flights and tougher screening at airport security.

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The new rules will also apply for Australian domestic passengers departing from international terminals. 

Restrictions will include powders such as baby formula, protein powders, cosmetics or talcum powder, and more. However, the Australian Government is distinguishing between organic powders and inorganic powders. 

Organic powders will be allowed, but restrictions will apply to inorganic. 

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States has announced similar rules that also come into effect from this week.

Similar to the restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels in carry-on luggage that came into effect after the September 11 attacks, the new rules have been prompted by a foiled bomb plot on an Etihad flight from Sydney to July last year. 

The two men allegedly planned to bring an improvised device on board, but their plan was halted when they couldn’t get past the airline’s check in. Sydney men Khaled Mahmoud Khayat, 49, of Lakemba, and Mahmoud Khayat, 32, of Punchbowl, have been charged with two counts of preparing and planning a terrorist act. One other man remains in custody.

The Australian Government said the rules will be strictly enforced and security screening officers will have the final say. Any powder that can’t be identified is likely to be confiscated and thrown out.

You can read more about the new restrictions here

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