A work of art!

String up your kids’ art masterpieces in a creative way

You will need

✔ white A4 paper

✔ non-toxic kids’ paint

✔ scissors, ruler and glue

✔ 3m thin ribbon


1. Using the paper and paint, get your kids to finger-paint their masterpieces onto the paper and leave to dry. We completed five pages.

2. From the top of the A4 page, measure a triangle 19cm by 19cm with a 16cm base. Turn the page upside down to draw and cut out another bunting triangle. Cut two triangles from five pages to get a total of 10 bunting triangles.

3. Lay out the ribbon, leaving a 30cm gap on each end to hang later. To make your bunting, glue the triangles along the ribbon, leaving an 8cm gap between them. Continue on until you have covered the length of the ribbon. Leave to dry before hanging.

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