What does your sleep pattern say about you?

Take our quiz to find out

Q1. Do you have trouble falling asleep?

a) Rarely

b) Sometimes

c) Frequently

Q2. What do you wear in bed?

a) Usually nothing

b) Pyjamas or nightie

c) Whatever I have on when I fall into it!

Q3. Do you feel rested in the morning?

a) Always

b) Usually

c) Rarely

Q4. Do you go to bed late?

a) Yes, normally

b) Depends on the night!

c) No, I turn in early

Q5. Do you snore?

a) Not normally

b) Yes, a little

c) I shake the house!

Q6. Do you feel sleepy during the day?

a) Sometimes

b) Rarely

c) Often

Q7. What position do you sleep in?

a) It varies

b) On my stomach

c) On my back

Q8. Are you a restless sleeper?

a) Yes, I move around

b) A bit

c) No, I barely move

Q9. Are you a morning person?

a) Not really

b) Only if I slept well

c) Yes, definitely

Q. 10 Do you wake much during the night?

a) Yes, and have trouble getting back to sleep

b) Occasionally, but I can drop off again

c) Not normally

Add your score:

Q1     a3     b2      c1

Q2     a3     b2      c1

Q3     a3     b2      c1

Q4     a1     b2      c3

Q5     a3     b2      c1

Q6     a2     b3      c1

Q7     a2     b1      c3

Q8     a1     b2      c3

Q9     a1     b2      c3

Q10   a1     b2      c3  

10 –15: The night owl

Outgoing and fun, you’re the classic night owl. You value your freedom above all else and probably love to travel. When the sun goes down, you’re ready to go! But you need to be careful – consistent lack of sleep can lead to difficulty with concentration, bad moods, and is detrimental to your overall health and wellbeing. Your sleeping pattern definitely needs an overhaul. Try some of the tips below or seek medical advice regarding your sleep issues.

16–23: The sensitive soul

You’re a very aware person, have great empathy with others, and are sensitive to your surroundings and to the moods of other people. This makes you a restless sleeper. Ensure the conditions are right for sleeping – have a darkened room and earplugs to block noise if necessary. Keep a journal to get those thoughts down on paper and quieten your ever-active mind before you sleep. Keeping to a regular bedtime would serve you well.

24-30: The control freak

You’re responsible and have great self-discipline. You’re the one that organises others, tidies up and keeps everyone else on track. You’re probably a morning person and this translates to good sleeping habits. You sleep well and are at your best during the early part of the day. If you have a big night out planned have a snooze before you go as your body is used to being properly rested.

Tips for a better night’s sleep

1. Stick to a schedule. If you go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day (including weekends) this helps to regulate your body clock.

2. Practise a calming evening ritual. Listen to soft music and turn off any bright lights before bed. Switch off the TV, phone, computer and other stimulating devices to define awake time from rest time.

3. Try not to nap, especially during the afternoon.

4. Exercise or walk every day to make you physically tired.

5. Ensure your pillow and bedding are comfortable and that your bedroom is cool. Replace your mattress if necessary so it’s supportive. Make the room dark and free of dust and clutter so you can breathe easily while sleeping.

6. Sleep naked. Scientific research shows the best thing to wear to bed is nothing at all. Ditch the pyjamas and see if that helps.

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