Move over star signs – what’s your star WINE?

Wine doesn't just match with food, it also matches your star sign!

Most of us enjoy a nice glass of wine. But did you know that they can be matched not only to your meal, but to your zodiac sign? Just like star signs, wines have their own personalities. Read on to find out which one is yours.

Aries – Malbec

Robust and bold, Malbec is a wonderful complement to your confidence and vitality. You will enjoy leading the way with the unusual spiciness and acidity of this red wine. And with an Aries involved, it will always be an interesting night!

Taurus – Pinot Noir

Perseverance and determination are mainstays of the Taurean character and both are required to grow this temperamental grape. Your patience will pay off and your inner connoisseur will be satisfied as you enjoy its rich berry undertones.

Gemini – Pinot Grigio

A good Pinot Grigio has enough contradiction and complement to satisfy both sides of your personality. Whilst dry and acidic, this white wine is as refreshing as a frosty glass of lemonade. It’s sure to keep the good conversation flowing.

Cancer – Riesling

Caring and nurturing, Cancerians will meet their match in a sweet, floral Riesling. The underlying apple flavour will rouse soothing memories, and the relaxing effect of this wine will whisk you away from all your worries.

Leo – Shiraz

Nothing but a bold, full-bodied red full of tannins will capture the heart of the Lion so Shiraz is perfect for you. It is as socially acceptable and adaptable as you are and this red wine pairs well with most foods, making it the ideal accompaniment for all those cuisines you love to try.

Virgo – Moscato

You need a wine that will taste wonderful and yet can be enjoyed without too much danger of loss of self-control. A sweet Moscato is ideal as it loosens up your reserve just enough. It also suits your analytical nature and attention to detail.

Libra – Champagne

The perfect wine for bringing people together and allowing your inner hostess to shine. You love beauty, socialising, and extravagance, so what could be more fitting? Ideally you’d drink French champers but your budget may conflict!

Scorpio – Cabernet

Your mysteriousness and passion are very enticing. You need a wine that is as deep and intense as you are, and Cabernet is the perfect choice. Sultry, full tasting, and with depth of character, rich smooth Cabernet is as complex and enigmatic as you are.

Sagittarius – Chardonnay

This unfussy wine suits your happy-go-lucky nature. Chardonnay is as welcoming and unpretentious as you are. Wherever you are off to, you’re sure to be able to source a bottle. Buttery and full-bodied, it’s perfect for picnics, which suits your love of the outdoors.

Capricorn – Bordeaux

Classic, timeless Bordeaux never goes out of style. Your practical nature will be at ease with this classy, well-established favourite, perfect for both a casual dinner and an up-market affair. A Bordeaux, like a Capricorn, will never let you down.

Aquarius – Orange Wine

You love to be different and your eccentric nature is matched fabulously by this quirky drop. Made from grapes still with their skins on, this white wine looks orange. No ordinary red or white would suit you, so a fresh, vibrant and unusual Orange Wine is ideal!

Pisces – Rosé

Emotional, sensitive Pisceans can indulge in their fantasy worlds. A Rosé incorporates some grape skin colour, so it lives in-between worlds, just as you do. A semi-sweet wine, this is sure to take Pisceans away to a magical place. 

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