The November 14 supermoon and you

With the moon closer than ever this century, how will it affect your stars?

A Supermoon occurs when the moon is full (that is, the time in the month when the moon is directly opposite the sun). And on the same days as the point in the moon’s orbit comes closer to the earth than at any other time.

The Supermoon on November 14, 2016 will be the biggest and brightest moon since1948 – a supersized moon. We won’t see another one like it again until 2034. So the energies will be super-strong over the 2.5 days this Supermoon has its influence.

The moon affects the tides – and a Supermoon could frenzy them up just a little more. We, like the earth, consist of approximately 70 percent water, so our internal tides could be shaken up a little.

This Supermoon is made even stronger with the moon being in the intense sign of Scorpio and the sun falling in the equally full-on sign of Taurus. This means there will be a pull between physical security (Taurus) and our desires (Scorpio). It’s a battle that doesn’t come with a simple solution. Ultimately, a compromise will be reached, but not before both sides of the equation have been seriously examined.

Full Moons always bring closure on some level. But with the Supermoon factor at play, this marks an extremely significant turning point in our lives. We need to take the opportunity to shut down toxic zones – and be ready to fill the gaps with fresh and healthy new elements.

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