Eerie ghost-like face photobombs haunted hospital tour

No one knows whose creepy zombie-like smile this is.
Phil Barron

A ghost-hunting tour group have been left spooked after their group photo at the start of the tour revealed a creepy zombie-like face smiling among them.

Tour host for Haunted Happenings, Phil Barron, took the group shot and thought nothing of it until messages poured in commenting on the unexpected presence.

‘I’ve seen shadows walking around people, seen a glass move on a Ouija board I’ve heard knocks and bangs that are really loud when people aren’t there,’ said Phil in the Daily Mail.

No one has owned up to being the mysterious face in the picture. (Credit: Phil Barron)

‘I’ve never actually seen a full apparition – I think that’s the holy grail for most people,’ added Phil.

‘I’ve no idea what it is – but I’m very interested to find out.’

Haunted Happenings say the photo has not been manipulated, and despite asking around no one has come forward to say that the face is theirs.


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