Man live-tweets encounter with terrifying ghost haunting his apartment

'I don’t know what to do.'

A man convinced he is being haunted by a ghost he saw in a dream live tweeted a terrifying encounter he went through.

Adam Ellis lives and works in New York and he said the spooky happening began after he had a dream about a terrifying figure sitting at the end of his bed.

Adam Ellis describes the dream of the first time he saw Dear David.
(Credit: Adam Ellis)

Adam describes the presence as a small boy with an oversized head with a large dent in the side. Adam works as an illustrator and shared a drawing of what he saw in his dream.

Adam Ellis drew a picture of 'Dear David'
(Credit: Adam Ellis)

He goes on to explain that in a second dream he saw a girl in the library and she asked him ‘You’ve seen Dear David, haven’t you?’ 

‘He’s dead, he only appears at midnight, and you can ask him two questions if you said ‘Dear David’ first.’

‘But never try asking him a third question, he’ll kill you.’

It wasn’t long before Adam dreamed again about Dear David, and this time he remembered he could ask him a question. 

‘Dear David, how did you die?’ asked Adam.

‘An accident in a store’ replied Dear David. 

Adam realises he asked Dear David three questions.
(Credit: Adam Ellis)

When Adam realises he had asked a third question of Dear David he became increasingly paranoid – not helped by the fact that his cats began behaving very strangely near the door at exactly midnight.

The cats began staring at the door at midnight.
(Credit: Adam Ellis)
The cats went to the door at midnight every night.
(Credit: Adam Ellis)

Since the initial dream Adam as burned sage, bought a ouija board, and spent a long time taking before and after photos investigating shadows for any sign of the terrifying Dear David – and his cats are still acting strange!

You can see the whole saga on Adam Ellis’ Twitter.

This article first published on New Idea.

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