Roast turkey, traditional stuffing and bourbon gravy

Get into the festive spirit.
Mr G's Double Bay

Recipe courtesy of Mr G’s Double Bay.

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Firstly pull the tenderloin from the turkey breast, use for something else. With a sharp boning knife create a pocket in the centre of the turkey breast about 10 cm long and 5 cm wide, being careful not to pierce through the breast


For the stuffing, chop the onion, garlic, rosemary,thyme and sage, fry in a pan with the butter until softened, set aside. Add salt and pepper, breadcrumbs and beaten egg. Mix thoroughly.


Spoon the stuffing mix into the turkey breast cavity. Place the breast in a cryovac bag drizzle in olive oil, seal the bag, cook in water bath at 63 deg Celsius for 3 hours.

Remove the turkey breast from the bag and seal the turkey breast skin side down in a hot pan until desired colour and burnish.


In a hot pan flambé the bourbon and reduce the turkey stock until thickened and rich.


Fry the kale leaves in hot oil until very crisp, drain well and season with salt and pepper.

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