Corn Dogs with Mustard

These mini Corn Dogs are perfect when your watching the footy!
Richard Whitbread

To spice things up a little add a pinch of cayenne pepper or chilli powder to the batter! Try making these also with mini cocktail frankfurts if preferred. If batter thickens on standing add a little extra milk.




Cut each hot dog in half through the middle to give you 16 small hot dogs. Insert a 16cm wooden skewer through the base of each pushing up almost till the top of the hot dog. Set aside.


Combine polenta, flour, caster sugar, baking powder and spices in a bowl. Whisk egg and milk in a jug and add to the dry ingredients. Stir until well combined. Transfer mixture to a 2 cup capacity jug or tall glass.


Heat enough vegetable oil in a large wide frying pan to come at least 4cm up the sides over medium heat until hot. When oil is hot, working with one hot dog at a time, dip the hot dog into the batter so it covers it completely. Allow excess batter to drip back into jug. Carefully lower the hot dog into the oil and cook for 2-3 min or until golden brown all over. Drain on paper towel. Repeat until all hot dogs are coated and cooked. (You can cook about 2-3 in the oil each time). Serve with mild American mustard and ketchup or tomato sauce.

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