Woman laughs and films as her maid plummets seven stories

The shocking footage shows her terrifying fall
Hope for Nigeria

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a Kuwait woman laughed and filmed as her housemaid fell seven stories from an open window.

The horrifying recording captures the unnamed Ethiopian maid shouting ‘hold me, hold me’ as she clung to the outside ledge.

Meanwhile her employer can be heard saying ‘oh, crazy, come back’ before the woman falls.

Thankfully, she survived the plunge but suffered a broken arm and was rushed to Mubarak Hospital.

Hope for Nigeria Online reports that the maid had attempted to escape via the window after her employer locked her in the house for two day when she gave notice to end her employment.

Police arrested the homeowner and prosecutors are trying to determine if she will be charged for failing to help.

You can watch the footage below: *Warning – graphic content*

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