Woman forced to pay $40,000 in fines after parking outside her own home


There’s nothing worse than getting back to your car and seeing a giant fine plastered to the windscreen.

Part of you has probably wondered if you could just not pay it. That’s what one woman did – more than 200 times!

Carly Mackie, 28, has been given Britain’s largest ever parking penalty of £24,500 ($40,000) after ignoring the almost-daily parking charge notices.

She wrongly believed she was entitled to park her Mini on the spot in front of her family’s garage near their Dundee home and the tickets were unenforceable.

But private firm Vehicle Control Services took her to court last year when she racked up an £18,500 bill for ignoring more than 200 penalties. And this week a sheriff forced her to pay an eye-watering fine. Ouch!

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