Woman discovers what REALLY happens when call centres put you on hold

People have been sent into a panic!
Getty Images

We’ve all been guilty of saying a few inappropriate things when we’re put on hold during a lengthy call to a phone company or help centre.

So one woman’s revelation about what really happens when you’re put on hold by a call centre has sent people into a tailspin.

It turns out that while you’re swearing with anger or singing along to the terrible on-hold music, the operators can actually hear every single thing you’ve said.

Twitter user, Kylie Janam, shared her discovery with her followers, saying she was now ‘tainted with shame’.

Others were quick to share her horror.

‘Nooooo, why has everyone kept this information from us,’ one wrote.

Meanwhile, other followers were quick to confirm that it was true.

‘We used to put the funny ones on loudspeaker and play the recordings back,’ one said.

We hate to think what they might have heard us saying!

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