Why using the bathroom ‘just in case’ could be damaging your bladder


If you think ‘better go to the loo first!’ before hitting the road, you’re not alone. But did you know that going to the bathroom when you’re not actually busting for it can be bad for your bladder health?

As the bladder fills, the muscles of the organ contract to hold the liquid, As the pressure builds, signals start firing telling the body that it’s time to find a toilet.

While the bladder can hold anywhere between 500 ml to 1 litre of urine, most people have the urge to pee at around 300 ml and if you give in to that urge you can train your bladder to feel full when in fact you can hold it a lot longer without any problems

‘There are some people by the very nature of their profession — teachers, surgeons, air hostesses — who can hold a lot because they can’t get to the loo very often,’ says urologist Richard Viney, reports Daily Mail.

‘They basically train their bladder without realising.’

It’s recommended that you don’t use a bathroom unless you actually need to pee – because going early when you don’t feel the need to can train your bladder to hold less flui

This can be a problem with age because the muscles in general will start to weaken. So keeping your bladder buff will help!

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