Here’s what happened to Josef Fritzl’s horrifying incest dungeon

Would you live there?

The boarding house above the cellar where Josef Fritzl subjected his daughter, Elisabeth, to 24 years of rape and abuse has been turned into apartments – and the new landlords are looking for tenants. 

It was beneath the house that engineer Fritzl carved out a secret cellar behind eight locked doors and held his daughter captive there between 1984 and 2008.

She was repeatedly raped and gave birth to seven children. The corpse of one – who died because Fritzl refused to fetch a doctor – was added to the boiler.

Now a couple have bought the 25-room property and transformed it from a ghoulish crime scene to modern apartments.

Josef Fritzl house in Austria
The large building has been converted into apartments – with one crucial renovation. (Credit: Google Street View)

But unlike most Austrian residences, there is no basement – it was filled in with concrete to prevent it ever becoming a spooky shrine.

Elisabeth now lives with her children under a pseudonym in a tiny Austrian hamlet while her father serves life imprisonment.

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