WATCH: Hilarious moment little boy ruins mum’s gender reveal

We can feel her pain!
Facebook/Humans of Bankstown

A video of a little boy ruining an expectant mum’s gender reveal has gone viral.

In security footage captured at the front of the Sydney woman’s house, she can be seen carefully carrying a giant black balloon out to her car with two little boys in tow.

She is almost at the car when the little boy uses a toy sword to pop the balloon, before pink confetti explodes from it.

Busted! (Credit: Facebook/Humans of Bankstown)

In a trend that is increasing in popularity, balloons are filled with confetti in either blue or pink to represent the gender of the unborn child.

In a moment that has now made millions of people cringe across the world, the woman freezes on the spot before walking back inside, perhaps in an attempt to keep her cool.

It is not clear whether the balloon was for her own pregnancy, or for a friend, but there’s no denying that it is painful viewing.

People were quick to respond with sympathy for the mum, commending her for keeping calm in such a frustrating situation.

Oh my gosh why is she so calm I would of turned into the Incredible Hulk…you would hear me from the next suburb,’ one person said.

But others saw the funny side of the whole incident.

 ‘If my son popped the balloon on me like that I would have burst out laughing I can’t help but laugh when they do something funny/ bold,’ an amused viewer remarked.

We can feel her pain
We can feel her pain! (Credit: Facebook/Humans of Bankstown)

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