Two grandfathers lucky to be alive after night lost in the bush

They were saved by snuggling!
7 News

Grandpas Geoff Dinning, 71, and Adrian Twit, 78, are lucky to be alive after spending a night lost in the bush in Victoria’s north east. 

Setting off on what should’ve been a one-hour round hike, the pair left their phones in the car. 

Despite making the same trip three times before, they quickly became disoriented and lost their way, they told 7 News. 

With no food and water, they had to survive the freezing cold night, which dipped to 3 degrees. 

‘I sat down with my back to the log and cuddled over him to keep him warm,’ Geoff said. 

The missing hikers’ families raised the alarm when they didn’t come home on Friday afternoon.

The missing grandfathers were found the next day, barefoot with minor cuts.

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