Tragedy as baby dies after father leaves him in steam filled bathroom

So sad.
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A New York father’s one-year-old boy has passed away after leaving him in the shower.

According to New York Daily News, the 27-year-old New York father told Brooklyn police that he left his baby son Mordechai Halpern in the shower to help with a bad cough.

After trying a remedy of lemon juice and water, the father resorted to placing his son in a stroller with blankets near their home shower. He let the shower run hot and closed the curtain, believing the steam would help the cough at around 3:30 am before heading back to sleep, setting his alarm for 5 am.

His wife later discovered their son unconscious after being awoken by the alarm and alerted emergency services.

Mordechai was then rushed to hospital but unfortunately did not awake. The little boy’s body temperature was believed to be at 42 degrees when first reached my medical officials.

An autopsy is being conducted to confirm the cause of death, although police believe the father did not intend to hurt his baby boy.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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