Tourists and BBC film crew runs for their lives as volcano erupts

So scary!
BBC News

Dramatic footage has emerged of a BBC News crew along with tourists running as steam and rocks explode from Mt Etna, in Sicily.

Mt Etna is the most active live volcano on the planet which makes it a hot spot for daredevil tourists wanting to witness the dramatic explosions for themselves.

However on this day a lava flow ran into a bank of snow, causing superheated steam to explode and fling boiling hot rocks in all directions.

The camera crew and tourists escaped with minor injuries, some needing to be evacuated from the mountain.

A camera operator working for BBC has shared a scary photo of the damage left on her snow jacket after it was hit with a boiling rock.

The tour guide suffered a dislocated shoulder, while others received cuts and bruises.

BBC reporter Rebecca Morelle sent the story out over Twitter, saying it was one of the scariest things she has seen.

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