Thought they were picking up a $30 lotto win – it was actually $1 million!


A Queensland couple have become the state’s newest millionaires after their ticket – thought to have won them $30 – turned out to bag them $1 million.

It had been 11 days since the Gold Lotto draw which resulted in news reports saying someone had a winning $1 million ticket but they hadn’t come forward, reports the Courier Mail.

The town was buzzing with who this mystery millionaire could be.

The husband and wife, from Bundaberg, were regular lotto entrants, but after checking their ticket, purchased at North Bundy News, they thought they hadn’t won.

‘My wife checked the ticket off at home and said ‘we’ve probably won about $30’ – but she’d missed a few of the numbers!’ the man told a Golden Casket official.

‘We were coming to town and I said ‘let’s duck in to buy another one and pick up the $30’. Instead, we’ve got a bit more.

‘My wife didn’t believe it. She started crying.

‘We’d seen this newsagency had a mystery winner but didn’t expect it to be us… but here we are.’

The couple say they’ll use the funds to help them travel and enjoy their retirement more.

‘It couldn’t come at a better time. We’ve had a rough time lately so this is a big bonus.

‘We’ve got some things to do with it but we’re not going to rush in. We’ll take our time with it and enjoy it. We’ve got some travel in mind.’

‘The mystery can finally be put to rest. Congratulations to the couple and we wish them all the very best with their prize,’ said Rolf Fuernsinn, owner of North Bundy News.



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