This woman’s beauty blunder will make you squirm

Ouch! The worst time to sneeze...
Imgur: Aub3912

Ouch! Reddit user Aub3912 shared an embarassing beauty blunder online along with some eye-watering photos. 

The US woman says  she felt like she ‘ripped her eyelid in half’ when she sneezed whilst using an eyelash curler. 

Thankfully the damage was not quite as severe as she thought, but when she looked down at the curler she realised she had ripped half her lashes out. 

Yikes! (Imgur: Aub3912)
(Imgur: Aub3912)

The embarrassed Redditor says she’s planning to stay at home and not leave the house until they grow back.

Other users chimed in with advice and user ‘Plott’ even shared her own similar story along with a photo. She says her dog jumped up and barked while she was curling her eyelashes and frightened her enough to tear out her lashes too! 

We wish Aub3912 a speedy recovery, at least her eyebrows are on point!

(Imgur: Plott)

See below for another hilarious beauty fail!

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