The moving moment this five-year-old finds out he’s getting a new heart

His delight will bring you to tears.
YouTube / AriEchoOfHope

He’s only five years old but little Ari Schultz has shown a determination well beyond his years.

In this gorgeous YouTube video the little boy learns that he is to receive a heart transplant after being born with critical aortic stenosis.

Ari has endured a lifetime of health issues and has been in hospital for the past 211 days because his heart was too fragile for him to go home.

On March 3 doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital gave his parents, Mike and Erica, the news that a heart had been found.

Ten days later, Ari’s parents say he is getting better every day and is breathing on his own.

He’s expected to take one to three months to recover from the surgery. His parents are hopeful: ‘Expectations don’t really matter,’ says Mike. “We’re day to day.’

And even in the midst of their own happiness, the family is thinking of those that have it possible for Ari to gain a new heart. 

‘If praying is what you do, now is the time, for Ari, and for Ari’s donor and family. We’ve been thinking about them, their sacrifice, their sorrow and their immense kindness non stop. And will every day for the rest of our lives.’

Article first published on New Idea.

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