Couple with terminal cancer’s emotional reunion after being separated for treatment

They’d never been apart that long.

A couple married 51 years had their lives turned upside down last month when they were both diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Susan Stros and her husband, Jerry, were excitedly planning their holiday to Florida when Susan began to have trouble breathing.

She was rushed to hospital where doctors discovered her lungs were full of fluid, further tests revealed she had cancer that had taken up in her lungs, liver, lymph nodes, and chest cavity.

There is no cure, so Susan was making arrangements to head home and be cared for.

Tragically a day before she left hospital, Jerry had a seizure in his home and collapsed, breaking his back.

In hospital it was revealed he too had been diagnosed with cancer in his brain and lung.

The couple had to be separated to each receive treatment, and had a tearful goodbye in hospital, not knowing if they would see each other again.

Thankfully their time together wasn’t to end that day, and they were reunited in their home a week later. The longest time they’d been apart in their 51 years.

This emotional video captures the moment they were reunited and it’s the most touching clip ever.

Friends and family are raising money for the couple over at their GoFundMe page to help with ongoing care and to make sure they never part again:

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