Teenager gets stuck inside giant Barney head for AN HOUR after trying to scare her friends

It isn't easy being purple...

When a cheeky teen decided to scare her friends, she was the one who actually got a fright.

After finding a giant Barney costume in the basement during a sleepover with friends, Darby Risner, 15, put it on to spook them.

But when the purple head sank down past her shoulders, Darby realised she was stuck.

(Credit: Darby Risner)

After four friends tried to yank it off with no luck, they resorted to smearing her with Vaseline.

Meanwhile Darby’s brother, Logan, captured the hilarious escapade on camera.

(Credit: Darby Risner)

After 45 minutes – and endless giggles from her friends – Darby was driven to the local fire station where amused firefighters finally freed her.

Turns out Barney’s not such a friendly dinosaur!’

This story is featured in the current issue of that’s life!

(Credit: Darby Risner)

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