Teen wins $1m payout after skydive horror

The jump was a 16th birthday gift

A young woman who suffered terrible injuries in a horrifying skydiving accident has been awarded a million dollars in compensation.

Makenzie Wethington was just 16 when she jumped out of a plane in Oklahoma in 2014.

The jump had been a birthday gift for the thrill-seeker after she discovered the minimum age to jump in the state was 16.

The teen fell more than 900m when her parachute malfunctioned.

She suffered bleeding on her brain, broke her pelvis, lumbar spine, ribs, teeth and shoulder blade, as well as injuring her liver and kidney.

Doctors who treated Mackenzie were astounded she had survived the fall, which was witnessed by her father Joe, who had jumped out of the plane minutes before.

She made a successful recovery, but still suffers PTSD, panic attacks and headaches. 

Makenzie and her father undertook the solo jumps after five hours of training.

She was awarded 760,000 US dollars (just over 1m AUD) in a lawsuit against Pegasus Air Sports Center, which has since closed.

Skydivers in Oklahoma must now be at least 18 after the incident sparked a change in the rules.

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