Teen dies from drinking too much caffeine

And it's not as much as you might think...

A 16-year-old has died after consuming a dangerous combination of caffeinated drinks, according to a medical examiner.

The Richland County Coroner’s Office announced that South Carolina teen, Davis Allen Cripe, died after drinking a large diet Mountain Dew soft drinks, a McDonald’s cafe latte and an energy drink within a two-hour period.

Davis collapsed at his school on April 26 and was later pronounced dead after suffering a caffeine-induced cardiac event.

‘We lost Davis from a totally legal substance,’  said Richland County Coroner, Gary Watts.

‘This is what’s dangerous about this. You can have five people line up and all of them do the exact same thing with him that day, drink more, and it may not have any type of effect on them at all.’

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