Mums seek DNA tests after sperm bank boss accused of using own samples for IVF

Violated mums seek court-ordered paternity tests.

Parents and children who were patients at an IVF clinic have asked court to order a paternity test, after suspicion that the sperm bank boss had replaced donor sperm with his own.

Jan Karbaat, who passed away last month aged 89, has suddenly become central to a sperm bank controversy after several of his clients noticed odd similarities among their children.

Namely the children had unexpected eye colours from their donor profiles, and tended to resemble each other and Karbaat.

The women also said that Karbaat would leave the room, telling them he was getting ‘fresh seed’.

Tim Bueters, lawyer for the families, told a Dutch newspaper – Algemeen Dagblad – that it’s been traumatic for the families involved.

‘They say it feels like they were raped by Karbaat.’

The clinic was closed in 2009 after Karbaat said he had fathered at least 60 children in his time there, reports the Telegraph.

Court officials have seized Karbaat’s toothbrush and nose-hair trimmer in order to test for DNA. He is accused of falsifying information at the clinic for his own purposes.

Meanwhile Karbaat’s surviving family members are claiming the accusations are without merit, and to consider the man’s grieving family.

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