Son films the moment his mum with dementia forgets who he is for the first time

He says it’s the ‘worst day of his life.’
Joey Daley

When his mother was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia at 65, Joey Daley, 45,  decided to start filming her in a heartbreaking video series.

He hopes that by filming his mum, Molly, he can help provide insight into the disease and support other people whose loved ones are suffering.

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Two years after her diagnosis Molly lives in facility, and has lost the ability to take her own medication or even bathe herself.

In his latest video Joey capture the moment all those close to dementia sufferers fear – his mum forgot him.

Sitting at the local mall with his mother Joey asks Molly if she knows who is mum is.

She replied ‘No… I guess I don’t know who is that?’

Fighting back tears, Joey works with her for a short while hoping she will say that she recognises him, but all she can say is ‘I don’t know.’

The video ends with Joey alone in his car, heartbroken and crying.

Joey shares his heartbreak at seeing his mum’s condition deteriorate. (Credit: Joey Daley)

‘This day I will never forget. When your mother doesn’t know who you are, she knows my name but doesn’t know who I am,’ he says.

‘I feel like she just died, I wasn’t expecting this.’

Talking to Daily Mail about the video Joey says the response has been overwhelming. He explains that creating the series has been very difficult but knowing how important it is drives him on.

‘I am exposing my weaknesses and vulnerabilities but I wanted to bring awareness to dementia and that is more important,’ he says.

‘It’s tough having to watch back the footage, and edit it. But it’s OK as I want to get the message about dementia out there.’

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